So How’s the Diet Going?

I started dieting about 6 weeks ago, living on asparagus and salad with a side of chicken, hold the cheese, butter, sauce, and flavor for the rest of my life. I was doing quite well, but then shit hit the fan and there was a family emergency requiring extensive travel. There were copious amounts of […]

HOLY SHIT New Jersey State Police, REALLY?!

My Shitastrophy’s are not limited by state lines. Recently I traveled home to New Jersey from my quaint life in the Midwest to visit my ailing father. Within one hour of my arrival I was literally pulled from my tranquil Midwestern state to a slap in the face reminder I was not in Oz anymore. I […]

That Time I Took My Dog’s Meds

Yesterday I was tired. Like dead on my feet tired. The night before Hubs had gotten home from a trip at 11 pm and I waited till his arrival to hit him with five days worth of kid info. His head was spinning when I announced at 11:30 I was off to bed. I had an […]

The Nasty Truth About My Kids’ Lunch Boxes

I have a confession that will likely gross out some people, but I gotta get it off my chest and to be honest I HAVE to KNOW… am I alone? Ok gather around, closer. Are you listening, brace yourselves…The only time I wash my kids lunch boxes out are when there are literal bits of […]

A Mother’s Christmas List

This year I’ve set the Christmas wish list bar pretty low. In the past I have dreamed of beautiful sweaters, that I ear marked, circled the size, and lovingly put the catalog in my husband’s lap. I’ve scrolled through winter coat after winter coat online to find the perfect one to wrap myself in warmth […]

Lies We Tell About The Elf on The Shelf

If you are a parent with a child under the age of 12 you have probably heard of The Elf on the Shelf. As you know, The Elf returns to Santa every night to report on your child’s behavior and then magically reappears in a new place upon his/her return. The inter webs are full of ideas that […]

25 Ways You Might Be a Redneck

I recently learned my home town is listed in the top ten most redneck towns in Michigan (you can read the article here), and then as if that wasn’t awesome enough the town we have our lake cottage in was also a top ten redneck town! I know pretty fucking amazing shit, don’t be jealous. What exactly […]

You Can Take Your Swag and Shove It

Dearest Swag Giving Companies, I know you think your shit is awesome and that we are just DYING for free shit here in America, and we are, but there is a limit to the amount and kind of shit we want. We don’t want your free stress ball, because we will probably give it to a […]

30 Must Have Mom Skills

It’s almost the start of football season, and although the draft and signing days have passed I wondered what it would look like if I could draft the perfect Mom Team. This team would require multiple star players because NO ONE CAN DO ALL THIS SHIT THEMSELVES. Mom’s hold so many hats and are only one person, […]

The Shit You Played With as a Kid

While on a recent trip I was reminded of the GROSSEST Thing ever, so naturally I have to share it with you all. I grew up in the 1980’s in New Jersey along the coast line. I was lucky enough to have two turns from my family’s driveway and I would be at the beach. As a […]

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