Scuba Diving, Depression, and Memories

A week ago my son and I returned from Roatan, Honduras on another one of our Mom/Son scuba diving trips. We travel with a company called Family Divers who host weeks throughout the year where families come together worldwide to scuba dive with their children. Most of the kids are new to diving, though there are […]

A Visit with my Psychologist

Today I am headed to my psychologist. I don’t write a lot about my therapy stuff because seriously who wants to know that I am certifiable? Ok, well maybe a few of you want to know. I can best be described as moody, but probably a more accurate description is that I am a royal […]

Where I’ve Been, and Where I’m Going

I’ve been gone for a bit, you may or may not have noticed. My departure was a long time coming, months in the formation. Long hours working, a bit of a mental break, and the need of my kids finally pushed my thrice weekly, to twice weekly, to weekly posting of funnies, to none. I […]

Anyone Else Done?

I have a sense of doneness to myself I have never had before. I would like to think it is my new medicine, but maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have reached the pinnacle of a mountain where the other side is just me hitting every bump on the way down. I feel as if […]

A Look into My Adult ADD

  I am 39 years old, a mother of two adolescent children, and have recently found out I have ADD. I didn’t always have ADD but now I do, it’s just another thing life can throw at you in your thirties. As a child I was hyper vigilant with my school work. All projects and home […]

Final Recap, The Boiling Lake Hike

And finally, what you have all been waiting for…the recap of the hike to Boiling Lake! Pull up your chairs, it’s a long one – but worth it. When I signed up for the hike the woman at the concierge desk repeatedly told me it was difficult. I guess looking at me in my flip flops and […]

My Solo Trip to Dominica, Part II

I recently went on a solo ‘Walkabout’ to the Caribbean to find my sanity by undertaking a hike to the Boiling Lake in Dominica. I found a little of my mind, and also a lot other shit. In my first post I highlighted the WTF moments of my trip to Dominica in relation to my lodging. There […]

My Solo Trip to Dominica, Part I

I just got back from my ‘Walkabout’ – if you missed where and why I suggest you read my post Holy Hell I’m In A Funk. Basically my life had beat me down to the point of no return. In order to regain my sanity I undertook a solo trip to the Nature Isle of […]

Holy Hell Am I In a Funk

I have a confession to make. I’ve reached the point. I’m done. Fried. Toast. Put a fork in me. There are not enough phrases to capture my current mental state. I should be funny, and laughing, and I don’t know happy – and I am, but I’m not. Does that make sense? I have moments of […]

The Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor Book is HERE

A year ago I wrote a post about my own personal struggles with panic attacks. I had never spoken publicly about the issues I have and how they have impacted me. I thought I had been doing a great job keeping my demons at bay until I had a major attack at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Conference […]

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