Shit I learned at Trivia Night

This weekend the hubs and I attended a fund raiser at our kids school. It was Trivia Night and we were ready to drop some knowledge on our group. Our table was comprised of multiple professors, an executive, myself, a counselor, a teacher at the school, and a PR person. You would think that having […]

The Shit is Hosting the Hump Day Hookup!!! Boo-yah!!

Holy Shit! The Shit is hosting The Hump Day Hook Up! The esteemed and awesome Aussie Molly from A Mother Life has allowed me to play in the sandbox!! Fuck Yeah I am psyched. I mean to say – it is with deepest gratitude that I accept this amazing opportunity and bestow upon you all […]

Oh Snap! I Got Two Awards!!

Lately I have been a total Bloghole. If you are not part of the blogging community this word may confuse you…basically I have been a real asshole to some bloggers. I don’t mean to be one, and these two ladies are top of the charts awesome. They both awarded me blogging awards – which is […]

The Shit is Taking on Blogger-Idol!

Since I am elbow deep in shit already I thought I would throw another piece on the barbie and add Blogger Idol to the list. What? What’s Blogger Idol? Well I am sooo glad you asked. Here is the official explanation cause I don’t want to get any of this shit wrong. “Blogger Idol is […]

The Best of the Beach

It’s Theme Thursday!! And Jenn at SomethingClever2.0 tasked us with writing about Fall/Autumn – love it or hate it. My home state has been on my mind a lot today. I am from NJ and today is September 11th. It is a day of remembrance for many Americans. So when I sat down to write this I […]

Wins? Fails? Who Knows

Today’s theme is Parenting Wins! Shit, I am totally screwed. I have lot’s of Parenting Fails! There was the time I threw a toy out the window, or the balloon disaster of 2008, can’t forget the time I sent the one child to school for a week with a case of prickly heat only to […]

Hoots or Tweets?

I have been a little absent from Somthing Clever 2.0’s Theme Thursday so finally today I am tipping my toe back in the waters with the old egg or chicken question also known as…which am I an Early Bird or Night Owls? This is so easy it kills me – Neither. I am not known […]

Why Rivalries Suck

It’s Thursday so what the hell does that mean, other than it sure as hell isn’t Saturday? Well it means I am once again tasked with writing a post that was dictated by the ever so cool Jenn at SomethingClever2.0. This week’s topic is rivalries. Not my normal go to topic, but I do promise […]

The Shit is Getting in Shape!

OMG The Shit is on the move again! I barely have to exercise because I am moving all over the damn place, which is good because I don’t exercise. I have been invited to brush off an old diddy and share it over at Momopolize today! Can you freaking believe it? So scoot your arses over […]

Shit I Learned at BlogHer

I went to the BlogHer conference last week, it is the pinnacle of all the blogging conferences. I learned all sorts of shit, didn’t learn what I thought I was going too, and realized a few things. Here are my take aways: 1) People wear all different shoes  – I saw metallic gold high heels, hot […]

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