What the Hell is the Deal with the Lawn Crap?

I grew up in NJ and I don’t remember lawn ornamentation being as rampant as it is in the Midwest where I now reside. I do remember a few Jersey lawns with a guy holding the lantern. Then there were a few horse hitching posts prominently displayed, which has been out of use for oh […]

A DNA Testing Mobile, WTF?!

A friend of mine posted a picture of a DNA testing mobile (emblazoned with – Who’s Your Daddy?!) on her Facebook page and I was instantly like – seriously WTF is this! I mean come on people…a truck that drives around New York City testing clients for paternity? What in the hell is this world […]

Awkward Conversations with My Employees, part II

I have been sharing awkward conversations I have had with employees in a past lifetime. I highlighted the conversation with Milton about the peter trimming he was getting done in preparation for his big wedding day. You can read all about that here. Today I am sharing a lovely little story about another truck driver. […]

WTF Pet Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and right about now you may be realizing there is nothing under the tree for that furry four legged pal. I remember one year I didn’t get anything for our pets and my daughter, who was about 5 at the time, got very quite and upset after we opened […]

Turkey Testicle Festival

I have never really thought about the parts of the Turkey that were not used – ┬áhead, feet, and testicles. Yes, the testicles – obviously only male Turkeys have this issue. Well worry no more! There are events around the country, and in Serbia (it’s international!) that feature Turkey Testicles as the main attraction. Yummy! […]

When Adult Birthday Parties Go Wrong

A couple of years ago my husband and I were invited to an acquaintance’s 42nd birthday party. Yes, that is correct it wasn’t her 40th or 50th, or shit even her 45th – it was her 42nd. We were not very close, but our kids were so I begrudgingly accepted. My close friend was also […]

Child Cage Fighting, WTF?

Up until a few days ago I had no idea that Child Cage Fighting, technically called Pankration, existed. Even more shocking is that an 3 million US children are participating in this activity. In case you haven’t heard about this you can read about it here. I’ll wait, go ahead and read it. Ok, you […]

Stop Naming Your Kids Stupid Shit, The Boy List

Recently I featured a post titled Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things, you can read about it here. I only showcased girl names….but you know that there is a whole other world of dumbassery still untouched. So today I present – Boy Names! After all, I am an equal opportunity slayer and want to ensure […]

WTF Car Shit

Recently I showcased some ridiculous car magnets that I have seen around town that are demeaning and degrading to women. You can read all about it here. But this is not all that I have in my treasure trove of car decorations to showcase for you. Thanks to an awesome Facebook fan, Casidad Estrellia, who […]

Wave it Proud

This week I highlighted two ridiculous in your face religious statues in my area. You would think I live in Texas where the mantra is Bigger is Better. But no, I live in Indiana, actually on the Michigan and Indiana border to be exact. For the life of me, I cannot understand why people put […]

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