Craft Fail…Shitastrophy Style

It should come as no surprise that a craft I did was a complete fail. For the record, I have done a few craft projects over the span of my life that were good – hell a few were even great. But more times than I care to admit, my foray into crafting has turned into a typical Shitastrophy. My most recent fail was the Trivia Night Holiday Sweaters that I made for the hubs and I.

I should note that I never go into these adventures expecting a fail. Nope. Time and time again I embark on my craft creations with the full expectation that they will be A-Maze-Ing. I am not sure why, I have no artistic background of any kind. My stick figures even suck. I can not draw a straight line without help, and even with help the chance of the line being crooked is astronomically high. Shit I failed cutting in kindergarten!

The thing is though, my mind’s eye keeps tricking me into believing that I can totally rock a craft. That same damn eye convinced me that my Holiday Christmas Tree Sweater would look just like the one I saw on Pinterest. BTW I would like to say – Fuck You Pinterest. I was even so demented that I thought I could make one for my husband too!!

Well the only good thing that came out of my Holiday Sweaters were that they were so god awful that they were featured on the blog This is where the bad of the bad, the worst of the worst, the complete and utter epic disasters are showcased. So I take great comfort in knowing that my fail was so bad that it is the BEST of the Bad! So to that I raise my glass and say Damn Fucking Right!

Now go over to Craft Fail by clicking here and check out me and the hubs’ horrible holiday sweaters. Enjoy.

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  1. Your sweater is very similar to the one my daughter made last year to win Ugliest Christmas Sweater so see you didn’t fail you won in a entirely different universe
    Lady Bren recently posted…Our Family Secret ~ A Year Later #anorexiaMy Profile

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. You’re killin’ me today! Genuine LOL’s. I remember that from your Christmas party….or no, it was a school event or something….anyway I remember the sweater photo, SO FUNNY!!! Yeah, you nailed it alright, sistah! You nailed loony tunes.
    Beth Teliho recently posted…Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!My Profile

  4. Yeah see I have 2 sisters who are crafty, really one much more than any of us, but the twin to her can do some awesome things as well. You know the type can take anything and make it amazing. Yeah those kinds you want to stab with your modge podge sponge stiffened by the modge podge glue you can never get off. The only thing I can do is paint precast ceramics. Really well. and I can kick butt on Santa’s. So fear not I would have made that a shitastrophy as well.
    Southern Angel recently posted…Neurologist tomorrow, anxious and nervousMy Profile

    • says:

      Both of my sisters (twins too…) are amazing artists, I got nada. I have a mean Shell Christmas tree that took months and lot’s of burns to make. The rest of my ideas end badly. So I guess we both got that one go to item:)

  5. Bwahahahaha! I cannot wait to see your sweaters! I love that you always have the attitude that your crafting will lead to amazing results! That’s the spirit! :D –Lisa

  6. I can’t get over the look on your husband’s face.
    Jenn @ Something Clever 2.0 recently posted…The Stuffed Animals of the Future– Today!My Profile

  7. This is so funny. I love that sweater. I can’t stop laughing! I have a lot of craft fails too, but they aren’t usually as entertaining as this. They are usually just messy. You are adorable! Those pictures are priceless. I hope you give the sweaters as gifts. How fun would it be to watch the face of the person as they open your gift and you insist they try it on…so much fun potential right there. We have a white elephant party on Christmas night with lots of gag gifts. It’s a blast.
    Lillian from It’s a Dome Life recently posted…10 Things I Learned By Not Worrying About Thanksgiving This YearMy Profile

  8. I give you credit for even attempting to craft. I know I suck at it and I hate it too. However, I had no idea there were actual awards for awfulness. I’m super competitive so I may just get into crafting after this!
    Allie recently posted…My 20 Year High School Reunion – What I Least ExpectedMy Profile

    • says:

      I didn’t know till after I was done with my disaster…which actually made it better somehow. Cause in my mind it was awesome, until it was done and then obvious it was definitely not.

  9. I love the look on your husband’s face! Did he not like his sweater? Lol!
    Sandy Ramsey recently posted…Book Review: The Husband’s SecretMy Profile

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