Customer Service is Dying

Today I am ranting…beware! I am pissed and poised with my fingers on the keyboard.

What the hell is the deal with companies not standing behind their warranties and products? I could see if I had cheezed out and not paid top dollar for the thing in question, or that I had tried to go with an inferior product. However, when I purchase something that comes with a warranty I damn well expect the fucking warranty to be upheld. The other kick in the ass is when a company has the fucking gaul to ask where my husband is. Hey guess what el douchebag – I run this fucking house, not him. He is busy at work busting his ass to get the money to pay for your shitty service. He is not here to placate your sexist fucking self.

What has me soooo riled up? Well I will tell you. About 5 years ago we bought a super duper outdoor play-set. The main thing that sold us on this set was the lifetime warranty. Well 5 years later the super duper play-set is rotting. I attempted to contact the company but could not find a phone number, only an email for them. The local dealer has closed as well. In doing more research I came across a very large number of complaints logged against this company about their products. There were also many many complaints registered that the company does everything possible to not honor the warranty and then after years of paperwork if they do honor it the materials are shipped to the customer at their cost! The company doesn’t even pay the shipping! My kids are getting close to being past the play-set years and instead of spending eons arguing about rotting cedar boards, that should not rot, I am just going to pay to have them replaced now. But WTF if someone is purchasing a play-set that costs thousands shouldn’t the fucking thing last?

Next up….My crumbling rock wall. It was installed 9 years ago, it’s made of rock. It shouldn’t be crumbling. I had the company that installed it out today to discuss if they will resolve the issue. The owner showed up and started immediately discussing how it wasn’t his problem and the error was chipmunks. When my maintenance guy refuted the chipmunk he moved onto roots, which were refuted because there wasn’t a fucking root anywhere in sight, then it was settlement, then it was the rocks used were too small (hello asshole you installed it!). He then acknowledged one portion was not installed correctly. My maintenance guy said ok so you agree this portion is wrong what are you going to do about it. He then said no its not wrong and that he is “not losing any money out of his pocket.” It ended with me walking away telling him to get off my property and him yelling at me from the street I was rude and that he would sit in the street for as long as he wanted. What an asshole. After I was out of earshot he asked my maintenance guy where my husband was. WTF assbag – you are not dealing with my husband you are dealing with me. Get over your stupid fucking sexist self and man up and fix the damn wall you installed incorrectly.

Finally…this is years ago but when I was pregnant with my daughter I got into a fight with the fence people. They had told us the installation would take 3 days. Weeks later the fence was not installed. I had a 20 month old running into the woods everyday and I was on bedrest. I was not happy. I finally called the guy out on it in front of his workers. I told him he guaranteed the fence would take 3 days not 3 weeks. We fully expect them to be there and complete the work. He called me “little lady” and then drove away and called my husband at work to report my behavior to him. My husband informed the asshole that I was 100% correct and that the fence was to be completed weeks ago. He also stated that if he had any more issues he is to deal with me, and not call him at work. WTF fence guy! If that was my husband who called you out on it would you have called me at work to report his behavior? We all know damn well you wouldn’t have.

This leads me to my point (finally). If you are in the business where you work with customers in their home you will most likely deal with the woman of the house. Learn to interact like a human being and not yell at them. Learn to not try to talk around them – we are really smart. And here is the most important thing – DO NOT ASK WHERE HER HUSBAND IS! This is not 1950 people, I get a full vote in my house. And chances are, I get the most votes too. I will vote your ass out quicker than you can say Husband.



  1. Amen, sister! A-fucking-MEN!!

    • says:

      Thank You! Man does this just light my fire!!

  2. I am continually amazed at the sales people who immediately want to deal with my husband over me. Next time, I’ll just let them, because he is rude, abrasive, and thinks every sales person is a scheister out to con us out of our money. *I* am the nice, reasonable one. Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to you, and don’t assume *I* don’t really make all the decisions around here and then convince my husband which deal is the best.

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      It truly is amazing that the service industry keeps missing the part that they are in the SERVICE industry! My hubs has 0 time to make decisions. I put together everything and present the options and give my recommendation – I kid you not it goes down as a business plan presentation. Sadly all three of these scenarios were decided by him…he no longer gets a vote.

  3. Allie says:

    Oh honey we are on the SAME wavelength today!! I just posted about sexism! Totally and completely unacceptable. I completely agree about customer service going to hell and I could cite several issues similar to yours all ending with “dealing with my husband.” WAKE-UP!!! What we need to do is seek our business owned and operated by WOMEN!

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      You are absolutely right! I think that is the key, woman only businesses for me bc this male bullshit is killing me.

  4. This actually happened recently at my children’s old pediatrician (I say old, because I pulled their records so fast after this). Emma had been sick for almost 3 weeks. They misdiagnosed her with a common cold when her first brought her in the morning after she started to come down with it the night before. 3 days later, I was sitting in urgent care with her burning up from a 104 fever to be told she did not have a cold, but RSV pneumonia. I brought her back to her regular doctor on Monday after she was re-diagnosed with the pneumonia to be further checked out to be told just a virus and not to worry she would be better by the end of the week. By the following Monday, she was back running a fever and miserable. Called the doctor and when he finally got on the phone when I questioned him as to why she was still sick and why I was now going to be paying for another co-pay to possibly have her stay sick, he proceeded to yell at me and tell me not to question him, because he is the doctor. And by the way, where was my husband. You could say I kicked this doctor so far to the curb after this and made sure to tell all in our neighborhood how poorly he treated my child and myself. Just crazy and trust me I have no patience for this either!!

    • says:

      I would have bailed you out of jail, should this ever occur again I see a covert mission on the horizon. If we had a woman judge she would totally dismiss the case.

  5. Joy says:

    That is crazy irritating! I had the same thing happen with Empire carpet. GET OUT!!

    • says:

      No way! I can’t believe these companies have the gaul to ask to speak with our husbands. Unreal.

  6. If he’d asked the whereabouts of my husband, I would have inquired about where I could find his boss. Conversation over, fucktard. This is likely why I avoid calling repairmen, at all costs 🙂

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      I wish I could have – he was the boss, he owns the company. Love the fucktard comment though:)

      • Well, if he’s the boss, I guess that would have gone over like a lead balloon…lol. Is it worth filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, or taking him to small claims over his failure to honor the warranty? Just so you can see him squirm in front of a judge….

        • says:

          Yup filed a report with BBB, took to every review site I could find and then did a nice little shout out to my local friends on FB. Karma buddy – I hope I am there when it bites him.

  7. I second that Amen. Customer service has gone down the shitter big time. It’s astoundingly frustrating. Thank you for this rant. It fed my disgruntled soul.

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      Anytime – after your awesome song today to the tune of ABBA it really is the least I can do.

  8. Keirsten says:

    This really fucking pisses me off !!!!!!
    I’m ready to find this fucker and rip him apart!!!!!

    • says:

      Yeah I was not a happy person yesterday. Today I am doubling down on him.

  9. This? I one of the many reasons I dig the holy hell outta you! No sugar coat, no nonsense, and no pulled punches. And you should NEVER pull punches when dealing with Customer Service, just aim them well. *grin*

    • says:

      No point sprinkling sugar all over it – he is still a big piece of shit.

  10. Alyson, I love how you pull the fence guy from years ago into your rant! Proof: Women NEVER forget! Gosh how I wish we were neighbors.

    • says:

      Dude I am totally an elephant – in more ways than one (see my No More Sucking it In story).

  11. Amen, sister! Can’t BELIEVE that fence guy called your husband at work to report your behavior! I hope you called fence guy’s WIFE to report HIS behavior! :o)

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      Yea I was pretty chapped about that. I can only hope that no woman ever married that schmuck.