Flying Balls are very scary

Flying BallsRecently, my family went to a Globetrotter game in our town. We had court side seats, I was not very happy about it. My husband thought this was an awesome idea. We could be all up close and personal with the team. The kids loved it! Me not so much.

I like to go to sporting events but I do not want to be on high alert for an entire game. While at a game, no matter what the sport, I tend to check out the crowd, the teams, the scoreboard, my nails, you know random shit.

With our wonderful court side seats I now had to be on the watch for tall men and balls that would be coming my way, and not for my own benefit. I was basically on high alert for sweaty guys and large balls.

I mentioned to my 9 year old my lack of joy about being front and center. He looked me straight in the face and asked me, “Mom are you afraid of flying balls?” I of course answered in the straightest face I could, “Yes Jacob, I am afraid of flying balls – very afraid.”

It will be a sad day when my children realize my inappropriatenes.

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  1. Joy says:

    hahahahaha too funny.
    p.s. I will take your seat courtside next game 🙂 I’ll keep your family safe of ROUGE BALLS! Promise!

    • says:

      Thanks! The kids would love to have you – I’ll be up in the stands eating food checking out everyone!

  2. ha! i’ve got three boys and it is all sports all the time. i am surrounded by flying balls! it’s okay to be afraid of them!

    • says:

      Three boys – oye! I get enough ball/fart/burps from one to last a lifetime!


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