Is This a New Fad?

It is What The Shit Wednesday! Yeah You!

I took my son to Wendy’s and parked next to this vehicle. I immediately whipped out my phone and started snapping away like we were on a photo shoot. If you remember my Truck Nuts post was also taken at a fast food place with my daughter – coincidence? I think not.

NewFad WTF is this?! Why would someone tether 4 stuffed animals to their roof?

In the name of investigative journalism (or blogging) I delved into why this person had 4 stuffed animals tethered to her car rack.

I found out that sometimes people affix stuffed animals to their bumpers in honor of a loved one that has been lost in an accident. This strikes me as a little weird. If I lost a loved one in an accident I would not want to desecrate their memory by tethering a large cow or dog or pig to my vehicle and drive it through rain, snow, or leave it to bake in the summer sun. I am also going to eliminate this since her back window had CONGRAT’s sloppily written on it.

So taking off from the Congrat’s, written by a 10 year old, I thought well maybe this is the new ‘I got married so I am going to decorate my car with weird ass shit fad?’ But if you were going to decorate a car, wouldn’t it be a nicer vehicle than a piece of shit, rusted out, green 1990 nissan something? The movies show mustangs, convertibles, limos, etc. being strewn with some cans, organza, or fancy ribbon. Is this the white trash version? And if this is what these weird ass stuffed animals are there to celebrate why are they still there? It was a mid-week afternoon, and it was at Wendy’s. Not the most romantic post nuptial location.

What else could these trophy’s represent? Are these animals there because she doesn’t want them inside her car, but wants us to all know she loves stuffed animals like my 8 year old? Or is it to find her car quickly in a sea of vehicles? She probably won’t wander the parking lot looking for her lost chariot with these affixed to them. One quick survey of the cars and bamm! You totally will find your POS! Genius!

What do you think they are there for?

1) To remember 4 lost loved ones that died in a car accident?

2) I got married white trash decorations?

3) To find her car in crowded lots?

4) To show her love for all things stuffed and animalesque?

Let me know what you think! Cause seriously I got nothing.

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  1. My uncle always had a saying for people like this. He would say, “That person is one sandwich short of a Happy Meal!!” ME not so sure, but definitely looks like this person has lost what little was left of their mind!!

    • says:

      Seriously I see the craziest shit at our local fast food places. I am going to have to start stalking them! Your uncle sounds pretty funny 🙂

  2. Teri says:

    Here’s my thinking. One stuffed animal for every kill, like on football player’s helmets (one mark for each sack, etc) or on fighter planes. Poor Bambi! He was a good deer. But she hit him and now wears a stuffed Bambi on her car as a warning to all the other deer to stay out of her way.

    • says:

      Well in that case I am glad she didn’t catch me taking pictures of her crazy ass car.

  3. Jen says:

    I could be completely wrong, but I’m going to guess that this person got a new job at the local Goodwill and wants everyone to know that they are a stuffed animal thief. Either that, or they’re just bat-shit crazy. If you see that car again, you should go inside and start talking about it in your not-so-inside-voice to see if you can find the owner and get an explanation.

    On my way to work yesterday, I saw an old truck with cans glued all over the hood. It was driving on the opposite side of the freeway and I was already running late, otherwise, I would have stalked him so that I could have inquired about the shit. It was nuts and people are weird.

    • says:

      Oh how I wish you had gotten that picture and found out what the hell was the deal with that! People are seriously weird. I think you may be onto something with Goodwill – or maybe she just hit a yard sale and went bonkers?

  4. Allie says:

    Meth heads? Pot heads? Druggies for sure! Do people still use the term “druggies?” If so, I think you found them!

    • says:

      Anything is possible in my town!

    • Red says:

      Hmmmm….meth maybe but potheads are generally more creative than that.

      • says:

        I’d be impressed if potheads had the motivation to really tie them all on – maybe one but 4 not worth the effort.

  5. Loriann says:

    I have a picture to share with you that will seriously blow your fucking mind. A car with action figures all over it! I’m just not cool enough to know how to do it here, so if you give me an email address I can use another suggestion for how to share, I would love to share it!

    • says:

      oh that is awesome! Please send it to – and if you don’t mind where did you see this lovely little piece of vehicular art?

  6. Maybe the animals talk to her and told her that they were sad because they never get to go anywhere.

    • says:

      Ok you win – that one made me bust out laughing! I think you answered the question!

  7. Why the hell are you posting pictures of my car on your blog?! And you could have just asked – but now I’m not telling you. SO THERE.