Merry Elfing Christmas – Drink!

Let’s face it – most things that are painful can only get better with alcohol. This definitely applies to the Elf on the Shelf. I have devised a drinking game (for the 21 and older group) to help make this new over exposed tradition a little more fun. So in the ‘spirit’ of the holidays I give you Merry Elfing Christmas – Drink!

In order to properly play this game you will need to think back to the time before children – yes way back then when we use to do fun shit with people our own age. Please have the following items at your disposal for this game to work its magic: a computer or smart phone, beer, beer bong, vodka, crown royal, shot glasses, champagne, Cheez-its, and a deck of cards.

All ready? This game is best played with at least one other person, but the more the merrier. The instructions are very simple – whenever you see any of the following Elf Antics on Facebook or Pinterest please follow the prompt. Some pictures will fit multiple categories, no worries: follow all prompts that apply. If you are not inebriated by the end of one hour you are not doing this game properly. And if you are anything like me, you might want to clear a few days for recovery. Good luck.

  1. Funny Elf – do a beer bong
  2. Sexy Elf – take off a piece of clothing and strangle the nearest person to you while doing a shot of vodka
  3. Naughty Elf – drink 2 shots and punch the person closest to you (or yourself is ok too)
  4. Bathroom Antic Elf – rip a loud fart in solidarity and then chug a beer for the next 30 seconds while someone counts toddler style (1, 4, 3, 10, 5, 8, 22, 29, etc.)
  5. Party Elf – Pop Champagne cork and drink straight from the bottle
  6. Elf Accessories (clothes, ornaments etc) – turn in a circle for a count of 5, stop, do a shot
  7. Kitchen Elf – Get the beer and cards it’s gonna be a long night of Asshole (best game drinking game)
  8. Elf playing with your kids toys – Line em up…it’s time for a shot for each toy the elf is playing with
  9. Elf spells anything out with food – open box of Cheez-its and eat fistfuls in solidarity while chasing it with Crown Royal
  10. Do a chug of beer whenever you see or hear anything relating to the Elf, EOTS, Elf on the Shelf, Red Felt Guy, Santa Narc, Little red dude or dudette.

I can’t stress how important a designated driver is while playing this game. Also, I would play this game after the kids go to bed – could be tough to explain why Mommy is passed out on the floor. Happy Holidays!


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  1. I may need to have a stomach pump on hand before I begin this game because I cannot seem to escape the elf…ANYWHERE. I detest everything about him and his mocking presence is EVERYWHERE this time of year. *sob*
    I’m grabbing a six pack and starting this game RIGHT NOW! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!! –Lisa

    • says:

      just be sure to have the old DD on hand to pick the kiddo’s up from school!

  2. Allie says:

    I smell a girls night coming up and this is the perfect game! Of course we’ll have to turn it into a sleepover and I had better stock up on cleaning products because I’m sure there will be some bathroom “incidents!” Love it!!

    • says:

      Yes the Crown Royal may have been a bit much…but now we can at least afford it!

  3. I LOVE IT! Though I can’t mix alcohol anymore so I’m going to modify the instructions with wine. But Cheez-Its pair perfectly with a Pinot Noir so I can be faithful to the rest of the rules. Thanks for my next Friday night! Cheers!

    • says:

      Nice adjustment! That’s the beauty of this game – it is very flexible.

  4. Can we just play with Champagne?????

    • says:

      Of Course, might be hard to do a beer bong with it – but if there is a way you will make it happen!

  5. Um, YES please! And a Merry Elfing Christmas to you 😉

    • says:

      And Merry Elfing Christmas to you too!!

  6. I”m not a drinker but this is brilliant!! Thanks for a great laugh!!

    • says:

      I am not sure too many people could make it through a round of this game! But it would be fun trying!!

  7. Okay, full disclosure, I was reading sort of fast because my brain is fried and I saw the word bong without the word beer in front of it and I was like, DANG, this is going to be a PARTAY!

    LOVE THIS GAME! You are a visionary.
    **I do number 9 about once a week without any sort of game having to be involved. Could be a problem? Nah.

    • says:

      I almost put in their (not Pot people!) but didn’t…now I kinda wish I did. Cheezits are totally a free food. Your golden.

  8. Yikes, after 5 minutes on Facebook, I’d be drunk as a skunk!
    I can only imagine myself trying to explain to my boss, “Ja see, it’s all da Shitassssstifee’s fault — see, there’s thissss eff, — no an EFF — ja, know like Ssssanta and his EFFS — yeah, yeah, so dis eff, well, he’s naughty, get it, he’s a BAAAAD eff, and when he’s bad, I haff to be bad, ja know? like drink cocks, wait, cockTAILS, ja see? — huh? wass dat? pack my stuff? huh? no, no, that’s not in the Chrisssssssmis spirit! Talk to Shitassstifee — she’ll explaaaain it to ja!”

  9. A bong could bring an interesting mix to the party. And you’d have to go to Cosco for Cheezits cuz they’d be gone in ten minutes. bong or not.

    Thank god they’re free. what’s in those things? they’re so GOOD. They put the CRACK in crackers.

    • says:

      Maybe that’s why Rob Ford is overweight?!

  10. This is brilliant to me on so many levels. One: My kids are too old for the elf and I somehow missed the boat on the whole elf thing when they were little (thank you sweet baby jesus). Two: I am so shitsick of elf elf elf on every social media outlet and Three: I like an excuse for a cocktail (or two). So thank you!! 🙂

    • says:

      Your Welcome! Always glad to turn any annoying event into a reason to drink:)

  11. Oh, I’m so sharing this on facebook. I love it!

    • says:

      Thanks! Who doesn’t want to make that stupid Elf a little more fun?!

  12. Omg you’re trying to kill us all! A quick scroll through facebook and I could be falling down drunk and stuffed with delicious Cheez-its (have you tried the Italian flavor?!?). I’m pretty sure pinterest would elfing kill me dead!

    • says:

      It may be one of the quickest drinking games of your life. I have not tried the italian – didn’t even know it existed! I am off my game!!

  13. WIll follow the elf prompts and have a bit of fun this season. Have a happy holiday!

    • says:

      Might be necessary to change it a little or it will be a quick season! Happy Holidays to you too!!

  14. Hey now! This is my type of game and since it’s Christmasy I think I’m gonna start playing today and just stay drunk for the rest of the Christmas Season!

    • says:

      I like the way you think! The holidays would be so much more fun if I was lightly buzzed through the whole thing. Might have to only play for a few minutes each night though, or I would be very drunk through the whole season.

  15. Lance says:

    You’ve twisted my arm….ow…okay, I’m in

    • says:

      It’s a quick game these days – should only take you about 30 minutes to play an entire pass.

  16. As luck would have it, I’ve got a spiced rum and ginger ale AND a box of Cheez Its (whole grain cuz I’m all health conscious and shit when I drink. No, not really) next to me so I’m ready to go. To enhance my enjoyment, I think I’ll hang my elf from the ceiling fan and turn it on. Game on!

    • says:

      Don’t forget the bong! beer bong that is.

  17. We need a reunion. You, Me & now Beth Teliho! 😉 Between this and Robyn Welling’s HGTV House Hunters drinking game, we’d be comatose. Just how I want to spend the holidays. 😉


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