My Recap of 2014, It’s not all Shit

Happy New Years14

This week the calendar moved forward another year. You were either dragged by your hungover ass or bounced happily into optimistic hell. I was more the hungover hell this year and even if I wasn’t I am not known to be an optimistic person. I am a realist. I own what happens to me; the good, the bad, and the ugly. No positive thoughts made positive shit happen, I did. And all the shitty shit that happened – yeah I did that too.

I don’t make New Years Resolutions because that’s way to optimistic of me to believe I will stick to some goal for 365 days. Why set myself up for failure? What I do like to do is look at shit that has happened in the last year and give it the proverbial middle finger salute or acknowledge the awesomeness of it and say, “That…I want more of THAT in the next year.”

Here’s the shit that sucked so hard if I ever see it again I will kick it in it’s little New Year Baby balls.

  1. My husband’s grandma passed away. Grandma Gerty was tough as nails and had a personality that I could only dream to rise to in my old age. When I first met her she asked me if I wore underwear, it was awkward but the perfect introduction to her no nonsense ways. Rest in Peace Grandma Gerty you were a beloved lady.
  2. The Cottage required MAJOR repairs. Six years ago we purchased an idyllic little log cabin (1000 sq. ft) on a lake. Sure it had it’s issues, but we just put a band aid over them and tried to focus on the fact that it was on a body of water. Well that was all well and good until the septic began having issues, the doors no longer closed without great effort, the bottom trim boards rot became visible when the porch started to cave in, and then the cherry on top – it began pouring rain inside the house. Cue the major cabin renovation that began a month ago.
  3. The Hubs undertook an intensive one year MBA program. He was required to be away for four two-week intervals over the year. This was on top of his normal travel (which is a lot). We missed him, shit always went wrong when he was gone (see above), and the stress level in the House of Shit was epic. He graduated in December and it was not a second too soon.
  4. My husband and I had to tell our 10 year old son he has Autism. He handled it quietly with few questions, but did ask if there would ever be a cure. We assured him the world is looking for answers. (I may have sobbed in my bathroom afterward).

However there was good in the House of Shit in 2014 (it can’t all suck)

  1. My son forged a friendship with two Notre Dame football players that came to our house for some burgers and ended up helping him announce to the world he has Autism. The USA Today picked up his story allowing him to own his diagnosis and see that it is ok, and nothing to be ashamed of. I may have cried.
  2. I had professional successes with posts being published on Huffington Post and Scary Mommy this year. I was also blessed to have an essay in the anthology My Other Ex, Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. And most importantly was the growth of my blog, The Shitastrophy. This year I had an amazing number of you come to laugh, nod, and curse along with me (an astonishing almost 1 Million views in the last year and a half). HO-LEE Shit.
  3. Relatives I had not known existed came into my life this year. My son and I traveled to Washington, D.C. to visit the Smithsonian Museum. The primary purpose was to see my Great Uncle’s WWII plane, Flak Bait. However when we arrived the plane had recently been moved to undergo an extensive renovation. We were of course very disappointed, and I wrote a note on the Smithsonian website saying we were saddened to miss the plane but would be back to visit. The curators took the time to forward the note to my Great Uncle’s son who is now the point person for the restoration. He in turn chased me down through my Aunt (his cousin) and we met for the first time in November. The internet is an amazing thing and I am so happy to learn more about my father’s side of the family and the history of Flak Bait.
  4. My sister had a baby! My 9 year old was the last child born in our family until we were blessed to have her little guy join us. The Hubs and I were chosen to be his godparents and I couldn’t be happier. He is of course the most adorable child born in 2014, I know you all understand I may be slightly biased.

I am sure there was plenty of other shitty shit that happened and much more awesome shit too. Here’s just the high and low of 2014 that I can remember. Overall I have a lot to be thankful in 2014, and I need to thank all of you for being there to listen to me and make me laugh when shit was hitting the fan. You all rock, so thank you from the bottom of my cold shitty little heart.

Enough about me now, what was the best and worst of 2014 in your world? I would love to know.

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  1. Linda says:

    Hugs to you for all the shitty things 2014 brought. And congratulatory hugs for all the good. I’m so glad I got to hang with you twice this year and it was cool getting to meet Jill. Big hugs to Jake. And the Notre Dame thing was so cool! And hugs to Bear & Lexi because how cute are they? Here’s to an amazing 2015 my friend! xo

    • Jill is pretty sure you are one of her bests btw. When the Roy card showed up she was all like Oh I know her Dad! We had lunch together. Cheers and hugs to you for 2014 successes and lets toast all the awesomeness of 2015. I can’t wait for our BlogU hookup;)

  2. AmyM says:

    I am so grateful for the laughs you give me every day – the spit the coffee (or beer) out of my mouth laughter, something I realize I need more of. 2014 was not my best year ever for sure. I notched up a second painful divorce and lost my grandmother, who was 97. Good riddance to this past year.
    Grammy is watching over me and she wants me to laugh more. And I get joy out of making people laugh. Let me know if I give you a chuckle or two.

    I decided to spend a week at my parent’s house over the holidays and that was mostly wonderful. All I did was eat, sleep, drink too much and have our family crossword puzzle war….it’s pretty fun. I got to see the fam and my wonderful brother and niece and nephews and just Be At Home. The Shit was this. I have a 16 year old border collie/chihuahua mix who travels with me (trust me, those are two breeds that should NEVER mix) and two cats who I decided needed to go along. Capturing those cats was a job. Fatboy freaked out but I got him into a crate. Stella I put into a carboard box and she was fine. Fatboy screamed at me for the 3 hour drive, and she never made a peep. She is a case of feline autism if there is such a thing. (Oh by the way, I am a teaching assistant in an autism classroom, so I consider your son when I read your site. I feel for you and for him, it ain’t easy).

    So the holiday was ok until it wasn’t. The day after Christmas my college roomie and I planned to go spend our Christmas money on a big shopping spree. Until I got a bad phone call from my darling 22 year old daughter who was on her way home from West Virginia, visiting her father, and she got a mother of a speeding ticket, in a car that is titled to me. And lo and behold, her driver’s license was expired. So they put her off the road, and took the fucking car. So much for Macy’s shopping. I spent the day on the road driving to Moorefield West Virginia and then to Blacksburg VA and that sucked. The man who had the car lives in the middle of the biggest junkyard I have ever seen. He only wanted $80 to give me the car and that was a blessing. I have never seen anything as bad as where that man lived. Anyhow, we got in and out of there fast, and I will be happy if I never set foot in that state again. As my first ex used to say about it: West Virginia, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous, and trust me this was Deliverance sort of material. My 20 minutes at a convenience store due to lost daughter and roomie were bad, I actually sat at a table with my head in my hands and looked at the creepy men across from me and said out loud some nasty things and I am not like that.

    So the holidays pass and I give my mother huge credit for getting me through it. I would have paid good money to see her and I trying to corral my cats to return them home. It took a good 30 minutes of me and her chasing Fatboy down to get him into the crate. Stella was a tad easier, but I had to note that the cookbook I used to keep her box shut is titled “How to Cook Anything”. Not enough meat on those bones, she be tiny. I have to remind her to eat.

    This was a very different Christmas for us without my grandmother, but we had a lot of laughs and we realized we have a new theme, somehow. All we gave each other was books and booze. High dollar bourbon was flowing and the books were top notch. So there we go, a new tradition.

    • Kudos for you for seeing you needed some good old family time. It’s hard going home as an adult but sometimes its just nice to sit at the table you sat at 30 years ago and know that someone may put a crumb bun on a plate and hand it to you vs. you always doing for others. I am sorry about the ticket though – HOLY SHIT! That sucks ass and your daughter owes you, and not just the money. I hope she sends you a nice note thanking you cause really. I have seen those places in WV and you are right – scary as shit. I looked at going to college there, well that is until I went to visit it and refused to get out of the car. I am sorry about your grandma, she lived a long life but that is little consolation for having her there with you.

      I am so happy to hear I make you smile. I spent years living my shitastrophy life doing the eeyore thing. My friends always laughed at my stories, so I finally start writing them down. Not sure anyone else would find the humor in the written word vs the spoken. But I have found so much happiness in knowing I am not alone. And thank you for your sweet words about my son. He has his moments, but don’t we all?

  3. Phil says:

    So many things happened in 2014! Very cool about your son and the Notre Dame football team. I read about that story in USA Today! You had some lows but also some great highs too. Here’s to a great 2015!

  4. Wow, that is some amazing shit!! Congrats on all of the good, and I’m sorry about the bad. Here’s to the new year and hopes that neither of us have to kick it in its little balls!