Old Habits Die Hard

My parents are old school. They insist their formal living room be maintained as the official greeter of all guests. It is the host to all of the entertaining they do. Here’s the thing – they don’t host anything. I think the last event at their house was 12 years ago when my sister got married. […]

Can People PLEASE Learn to Drive?

I am an East Coast driver living in the Midwest. This causes many issues when I take the to road. First I like to drive over the speed limit. I was taught that the posted MPH is just a recommendation. Sure it would be nice if I drove 40 MPH, but how about I just go […]

Order Status…STFU

The holiday season is upon us and I am getting inundated with all sorts of shit. Cards arrive daily to remind me that I have yet to send out mine. Commercials are telling my kids what toy they MUST have this year, like they need any more. My family calls me repeatedly to ask what the […]

Top WTF Kids Toys of 2013

The holidays are just around the corner, and even worse – Black Friday is even closer. It is time to try to figure out what the hell to get our over indulged little munchkins! I have done extensive research to try to find the top most annoying, horrible, and just down right Why In God’s […]

Creepy Drug Commercials

I am not a huge TV watcher. I have a few shows I try to catch each week, but if I miss them life does go on. Of course they are DVR’d in the hope that one of my days miraculously gains an additional 2 hours and I can catch up on my TV. One […]

The Best Time to Talk to Your Husband

I read a lot of stories, posts, and articles everyday; and I write everyday. All these words need to be shared with someone and that lucky someone is my husband. I am constantly just reading shit out loud in the expectation that he will drop everything and hang on my hysterical words, or nuggets of […]

A Little Neighborly F*$% You

We have all heard the stories about neighbors from hell, and some of us are lucky enough to live next to them. I am personally surrounded by assholes, however after hearing about these people I have to say mine don’t seem all that bad. Either that or maybe I should try instituting some of these […]

Please Go The Hell Back to Bed, NOW!

You get all sorts of advice when you are pregnant with your first child, one of the most common being, “Get your sleep now, because when the baby comes you will not sleep again.” I didn’t realize they meant literally no sleep for four months. Our first child didn’t sleep for longer than a few […]

My house Is Infected, Is Yours?

If you don’t have a daughter between the age of 7 to about 11 you might now be aware of a new disease that is spreading like wild fire. There are little signs of it all around our home. It’s EVERYWHERE and I am going to lose my mind. Just walking from my kitchen to […]

Stop Being An Idiot Warning Labels

America has become the land of idiots. I was curling my hair the other morning and I noticed a warning label on the iron that read – Not for Use on Your Eyes. This stopped me in my tracks, who the fuck is thinking of using a curling iron on their eye lashes? Can we […]

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