Top Stupid Baby Boy Names 2014

I searched through 2 Million (11) registered baby boy names in the United States Social Security Office to provide this detailed list of parenting gone bad. I have organized this post so that the Name is capitalized and the number of occurrences is listed in parentheses next to it. To hit the list there had […]

The Double Meaning of Words with Kids

I am that parent. The one that finds certain words my children say hysterical, and not because they pronounce them incorrectly – although that is adorable too. No I am talking the double meaning of words and the joy it brings me as a mother. There was the time my son asked me if I was scared […]

Top Stupid Girls Names 2013

When naming your child I believe it is important to consider that this human being actually has to go through life with the name you selected. Seems an obvious, but some parents missed the memo. Last week I highlighted The Top Stupid Boys Names of 2013 and this week the girls are up, and wow […]

Top Stupid Boy Names of 2013

The name you select for your child is one of the most important first decisions you can make as a parent. Their name will define him/her and will help open life’s doors, or slam them in their face. Your child will carry this name for at least the next 18 years of their lives, and […]

Stop Naming Your Kids Stupid Shit, The Boy List

Recently I featured a post titled Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things, you can read about it here. I only showcased girl names….but you know that there is a whole other world of dumbassery still untouched. So today I present – Boy Names! After all, I am an equal opportunity slayer and want to ensure […]

Stop Naming Your Kid Stupid Things

Since I highlighted Expectant Announcements, you can read about it here, I figured I would discuss what you should name your little bundle of joy upon her arrival! Let’s face it people, you got one chance to pick your baby girls name. There really shouldn’t be a do over in this category. You need to […]

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