Airport Restroom Horror

My husband travels A LOT for business, seriously he lives in the airport. He is on a first name basis with the crew at our local airport he is there so much. The Hubs has seen just about everything and anything one could witness while traveling. At least he thought he had, until he witnessed […]

Kids are Gross

I just spent waaaay to much time having to SCRUB the filth out of my kids bathroom. When did I become the elected piss, poop, scum cleaner upper of our home? I am not sure but this job may have just been the straw that broke this mama’s patience. It all started when I just […]

My Embarrassment Knows No End

If you are a guy, just stop reading this right here. Go ahead, close it down and walk away. Okā€¦just us ladies now? Great, cause I am going to share a lovely little moment that happened this week that reminded me of another moment a long time ago. Cause what is the fun in only […]

My Kids Are Bathroom Neanderthals

This weekend I was at a birthday party/family bbq event at our neighbors. At one point one of the young guests used the restroom and left the seat covered in sand and pee. Gross. One of the adult attendees was the lucky guy that got to go use the bathroom next and was greeted by […]

A Public Restroom Shitastrophy

I was attending a fund raiser for my son’s school that involved a very nice a cocktail hour, sit down dinner, silent auction, and some guest speakers. Since we are fancy people it was jacket/tie type of thing. The weather was not cooperating at all. It was pouring rain, windy, and cold. This meant the […]

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