It’s Fall Fuckers

It is fall fuckers and there are all sorts of shit about this season that makes me scream Alleluia. My birthday is just around the corner, and I am not one of those people that dreads their day of birth. Nope I say bring that fucker on. My whole family has to be nice to […]

So How’s the Diet Going?

I started dieting about 6 weeks ago, living on asparagus and salad with a side of chicken, hold the cheese, butter, sauce, and flavor for the rest of my life. I was doing quite well, but then shit hit the fan and there was a family emergency requiring extensive travel. There were copious amounts of […]

I am a Beer Snob

I am a snob. I will freely admit it. I have accepted my snobbish ways and made peace with it. The reason I am so free to label myself? I earned my way into snobville. I am not a snob about everything, just somethings. Today I am showcasing my beer snobbish ways. It drives my […]

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