A Shitastrophy of Epic Proportions

It was our son’s 7th birthday and after a special morning event we treated him to breakfast. The restaurant was packed. We placed our order with our waitress and I excused myself to the restroom. That was when the most horrific, horrible, grotesque thing ever happened. I was in the very tiny bathroom stall doing […]

When Adult Birthday Parties Go Wrong

A couple of years ago my husband and I were invited to an acquaintance’s 42nd birthday party. Yes, that is correct it wasn’t her 40th or 50th, or shit even her 45th – it was her 42nd. We were not very close, but our kids were so I begrudgingly accepted. My close friend was also […]

It’s the Little Things

My son turned 10 recently and I had a total Mom moment. He hasn’t had a birthday party in some time so I haven’t had to purchase any birthday invites in a while. Last year he was in a new school and his birthday is in the beginning of the year. He didn’t want to […]

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