Running on Empty

I’ve been known to judge people, I know this is shocking. I don’t judge everyone, but there are certain groups of people that fit into my judgyMcjudgerson criteria – people who run out of gas are prime contenders. I seriously have questioned how the fuck that happens? I try to give a pass to those […]

When I Lost My Car at the Airport

My job required constant travel around the country and you would think by now I would have traveling down. But you would be wrong. I’m running late, as usual, because I had one too many at dinner the night before with my fiancé and his best friend. His friend was visiting for the weekend and […]

My Car Shitastrophy

Recently I reviewed the funny I Just Want to Be Alone book by Jenn Mann and it got me thinking…what ridiculous shit has my husband done? This is an extensive list, we have been together for over fifteen years. One of my all time favorite Hubs stories is this one, and I have never shared […]

The Time I Killed a Turkey

It’s almost Thanksgiving and everyone is rolling out their respective Turkey posts. Although I hate to be a follower I figured I should share my turkey story…it didn’t happen in November but it is about our family and a Turkey so I am saying it fits the holiday festivities. It was a rainy October day […]

Disaster Waiting to Happen

Today’s Wednesday What The Shit? Is compliments of the hubs photography skills. He knows me so well and just knew I would LOVE this picture. Please enjoy this ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’ – you all know you have seen this move. Hell some of you have even been guilty of it (I am slowly raising […]

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