The Bad & Ugly of Road Tripping With Kids

I got the crazy idea to drive twelve hours with my kids and husband to visit my parents for Easter four days before the actual trip. Yes, clearly I am an awesome planner. I checked plane tickets but at almost $3K for four tickets I realized that was NOT happening. When I sprung the news on the […]

WTF Car Shit

Recently I showcased some ridiculous car magnets that I have seen around town that are demeaning and degrading to women. You can read all about it here. But this is not all that I have in my treasure trove of car decorations to showcase for you. Thanks to an awesome Facebook fan, Casidad Estrellia, who […]

Ladies Stop Disrespecting Yourselves!!

People like to adorn their vehicles with all sorts of shit. The most common are bumper stickers/magnets – though I have showcased some other bizarre things like Truck Nuts and Stuffed Animals Gone Bad. It is very easy to spot a vehicle that is advertising their Mickey Mouse loving family of six and various pets. […]

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