Today I am Grateful for the Grateful Dead

I got a case of the U.S. Blues due to so much happening on Shakedown Street. There is little Help on the Way for the citizens of this country, no matter how much Fire is on the Mountain. No matter how much we Turn on the Love Light it feels like a lost cause, even if the Eyes […]

When Moms Become the Monsters

This past winter I was screwing around online and noticed a band I love was coming to The Riviera in Chicago, Of Monsters and Men. I called my sister in NJ and suggested she fly out for a weekend of fun. She was in. I was so excited, it’s been so long since I saw […]

Sometimes You Have to Follow, Not Lead

This past weekend I took Jake to the Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, in one day. Please digest that for a moment. The Field Museum is 480,000 sq feet comprising 3 floors of exhibits. We saw 90% of it, in 5.5 hours, and had a sit down lunch. We even caught a 3-D […]

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