The One That Got Away, Thank God

College was a time of learning, maturing, and partying – not necessarily in that order. My friends and I spent a good amount of time every week drinking. I went to college in Pittsburgh, and part of the allure of going to school in a city was that there was always something to do. Sunday […]

Why the 90’s Was the Best Decade Ever

My favorite decade by far has to be the 90’s. I was in college – which meant I was not living in my parents house. This was also the time when a fake ID was as easy to get as sex. Add in little responsibilities, friends, concerts, and parties…yeah the 90’s were the best decade […]

Parenting 101

If you missed my post the other day, The Hubs left for the first two week session for his MBA – you can read about my thoughts on that here. I gotta give him props because at 44 he is going back to school, and since he was not a huge fan of it when […]

Creepy Drug Commercials

I am not a huge TV watcher. I have a few shows I try to catch each week, but if I miss them life does go on. Of course they are DVR’d in the hope that one of my days miraculously gains an additional 2 hours and I can catch up on my TV. One […]

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