He’s Not Cheating, It’s Just Some Glitter

In the last year my little princess, who is all of 8 years old, has griped about the the clothing I have purchased for her. It started small – “this shirt is scratchy” or “these pants are not soft enough”.  Did you catch the part where I made the error? That I purchased … without her […]

Valentine’s Day TaJ Mahals? WTF!

I have to admit I never heard of making your child a Valentine’s Day card box until the amazing and hysterical Lisa from Notes from the Shallow End mentioned it in an online group we are in together. She was  saying that she has to make them for her kids for school. I was stumped…what […]

Craft Fail…Shitastrophy Style

It should come as no surprise that a craft I did was a complete fail. For the record, I have done a few craft projects over the span of my life that were good – hell a few were even great. But more times than I care to admit, my foray into crafting has turned […]

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