Hello My Little Friend

I shoulda known she would find it. The child can find anything I don’t want her to find in seconds. Chocolate boom she’s on it,┬ánew chapstick poof! It’s gone. It’s like a gift, some kids have the gift of intelligence, or athletics, my kid’s gift is finding shit. Of course I didn’t really hide it […]

Mama, Am I Beautiful?

My 9-year-old daughter slinks into my office. It is the night before the dreaded spelling test, and as usual we are now just reviewing the words. She struggles with a few as I reluctantly quiz her. I hand back the list and suggest she take a few more minutes studying before we continue. In one […]

My house Is Infected, Is Yours?

If you don’t have a daughter between the age of 7 to about 11 you might now be aware of a new disease that is spreading like wild fire. There are little signs of it all around our home. It’s EVERYWHERE and I am going to lose my mind. Just walking from my kitchen to […]

Why My 8yo is Like a Stripper

Every now and then I will catch my 8 year old daughter doing something that if I chose to look at it another way, or if say she was 18, I would think, “Houston we got a problem”. Of course my daughter is NOT a stripper, she is 8 – get your head out of […]

Fuck You Art Camp

I made it 2 weeks into summer vacation before the shell began to crack. My son had football camp and at the last minute (Friday afternoon so actually a few days ahead of time to be honest) I decided to sign my daughter up for Art Camp with one of her buddies. Before I told […]

Sibling Love

Today’s Wednesday What The Shit? Feature is brought to you again by my daughter. She really is something. Seriously she is adorable (I may be slightly biased) and funny. She also does these little things that make me want to laugh, a lot. So please enjoy my daughter Jillian’s take on what the initials of […]


Why is it that when I have nothing to do, or nowhere to go I never ever get a zit? However, when I do have somewhere special to be I can freaking guarantee that I will have at least one, if not multiple abcess/zit/boils that are sure to make a debut. Well since I had […]

Oh No She Didn’t

Often times I am amazed that the two kids running around my house are actually related to me. The other day I took my youngest to Sears to do some returns. She had the day off of school for some ridiculous event like a teacher in-service or something. While standing at the counter to complete […]

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