Scuba Diving, Depression, and Memories

A week ago my son and I returned from Roatan, Honduras on another one of our Mom/Son scuba diving trips. We travel with a company called Family Divers who host weeks throughout the year where families come together worldwide to scuba dive with their children. Most of the kids are new to diving, though there are […]

Anyone Else Done?

I have a sense of doneness to myself I have never had before. I would like to think it is my new medicine, but maybe it’s just me. Maybe I have reached the pinnacle of a mountain where the other side is just me hitting every bump on the way down. I feel as if […]

Holy Hell Am I In a Funk

I have a confession to make. I’ve reached the point. I’m done. Fried. Toast. Put a fork in me. There are not enough phrases to capture my current mental state. I should be funny, and laughing, and I don’t know happy – and I am, but I’m not. Does that make sense? I have moments of […]

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