Swimsuit Shopping Fail

I haven’t bought a new swim suit in a few years. I can think of a bazillion things I would rather spend my money on then┬ásomething that makes me realize I have more problem spots then I was aware of. I could call my mother for a run down of what I need to work […]

Our Wedding Shitastrophy

When my husband and I were engaged we lived in Indiana, were getting married in New Jersey, and building a house in Michigan. Nothing like a love triangle of stress. I recruited my retired father for an assist on identifying a hotel in New Jersey for our guests to stay at prior to the ceremony. […]

Shit Gets Real – Our DIY Disaster

It’s Theme Thursday people and I am taking on DIY projects!! Well Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 – I only have one DIY project, and in true Shitastrophy spirit it did not end well. This first, and last project, we took on as a married couple was staining our new deck. The hubs wanted to […]

Disaster Waiting to Happen

Today’s Wednesday What The Shit? Is compliments of the hubs photography skills. He knows me so well and just knew I would LOVE this picture. Please enjoy this ‘Disaster Waiting to Happen’ – you all know you have seen this move. Hell some of you have even been guilty of it (I am slowly raising […]

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