30 Thoughts on Autism

My son was diagnosed in April of 2014 with Autism. We already knew but now he is official, it’s like he got the Good Housekeeping Seal of Autism Approval. Yay us. Since coming out with our exciting diagnosis people have offered condolences (he’s not dying, but thanks), some have asked who diagnosed him (a random […]

It Use to Be Awesome, Now Not so Much

Looking back on life I have realized that there was a ton of shit that was epically awesome as a kid but now sucks as an adult. Snow day – If this last winter taught me anything it is how extraordinarily painful a snow day is as an adult. Those plans to do really anything…yeah think again […]

15 Disney Characters You Will Work With At Some Point

Before I lived the high life as a mother of two kids I had an actual paying job outside of my home. I got up (begrudgingly), took a shower (I know right!), put on presentable clothes (this is almost comical), dried my hair (holy shit did I have it good!) and left my house…in the […]

If I Were A Disney Princess

I know when you think of The Shitastrophy you think – “Total Disney Princess.” I have a lot of the princess qualities – my vocabulary is very refined, I can hold a tune as well as any tone deaf person, animals flock to me, I have long flowing hair that I wear in the same […]

When Shit Falls from the Sky

Shitastrophy’s happen to everyone in my family. It is a problem of epic proportions. One of the earliest Shitastrophy’s I can remember was when I was about 10 years old on a family trip to Florida. Our family only vacationed at Disney. Why I have no idea. It was the antithesis of everything my parents […]

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