Penny for Your Thoughts?

The other day while wasting time/avoiding doing any actual work I was scrolling through Facebook and came across the most adorable, the sweetest looking little puppy – and I was smitten. My good friend is an amazing lady that fosters dogs in her home and she had posted a picture of Penny, a 15 week […]

My A**hole Neighbors Strike Again

Some shit in my life I can’t even make up if I tried. The house next door to me has a long running history of assholes living there. There have been three home owners in the last fifteen years and all have had their fair share of dick moves. I think the house is just […]

That Time I Took My Dog’s Meds

Yesterday I was tired. Like dead on my feet tired. The night before Hubs had gotten home from a trip at 11 pm and I waited till his arrival to hit him with five days worth of kid info. His head was spinning when I announced at 11:30 I was off to bed. I had an […]

Why a Mom Can’t Take a Bath

The other night I did something that was so impractical and selfish it was amazing. Something I have only done a handful of times since living in my home the last fourteen years. I’ve always been held back by the ‘after mess’, and let’s not even discuss the awkward dismount. But Friday I was pushed […]

The High Cost of Pet Ownership

I’m an animal lover through and through. Every time I meet a dog I begin speaking in ‘doggy talk’ while petting them profusely. There is not a cat that has happened by me whose ears weren’t scratched while running a hand over their long silky soft backs. I’m the crazy pet owner who has ornaments of her […]

My Shitty Labor Day Weekend

Ahhh…Labor Day when Americans kick back and enjoy a three day weekend to honor the working man/woman. However this year Labor Day weekend was less kicking back, and more kicking myself (and others) thanks to two major Shitastrophy’s and one slight one. First up…the slight one. I took the kids to the Notre Dame season […]

Lets Not Mention my Unmentionables

Today we were headed out of town to visit family and attend my adorable nephew’s baptism. I had the pups all set to go to the kennel but got to feeling guilty. They had been there just two weeks ago and I worry about them getting their bellies all upset because we are gone. Seriously, […]

WTF Pet Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and right about now you may be realizing there is nothing under the tree for that furry four legged pal. I remember one year I didn’t get anything for our pets and my daughter, who was about 5 at the time, got very quite and upset after we opened […]

Ketchup With Us #27 – Fall

Better late then never right? Well Oct 1st was the official day I was supposed to post this…but well life. So today I am rewinding the calendar for OldDogNewTits and AccordingtoMags for their Ketchup with Us feature. It’s fun and easy – how can I not do this? The rules – they are simple – […]

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