My Solo Trip to Dominica, Part II

I recently went on a solo ‘Walkabout’ to the Caribbean to find my sanity by undertaking a hike to the Boiling Lake in Dominica. I found a little of my mind, and also a lot other shit. In my first post I highlighted the WTF moments of my trip to Dominica in relation to my lodging. There […]

My Solo Trip to Dominica, Part I

I just got back from my ‘Walkabout’ – if you missed where and why I suggest you read my post Holy Hell I’m In A Funk. Basically my life had beat me down to the point of no return. In order to regain my sanity I undertook a solo trip to the Nature Isle of […]

Holy Hell Am I In a Funk

I have a confession to make. I’ve reached the point. I’m done. Fried. Toast. Put a fork in me. There are not enough phrases to capture my current mental state. I should be funny, and laughing, and I don’t know happy – and I am, but I’m not. Does that make sense? I have moments of […]

I’m Going Scuba Diving, Lord Help Me

I wanted to give you all a heads up that I will be on vacation the next week and will not be doing any blog posts. Don’t worry – you can still read my funny shit over on my FB page (are you following me there? You should…here’s the link again just in case). It’ll be ok, […]

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