Merry Elfing Christmas – Drink!

Let’s face it – most things that are painful can only get better with alcohol. This definitely applies to the Elf on the Shelf. I have devised a drinking game (for the 21 and older group) to help make this new over exposed tradition a little more fun. So in the ‘spirit’ of the holidays […]

Why the 90’s Was the Best Decade Ever

My favorite decade by far has to be the 90’s. I was in college – which meant I was not living in my parents house. This was also the time when a fake ID was as easy to get as sex. Add in little responsibilities, friends, concerts, and parties…yeah the 90’s were the best decade […]

Ketchup With Us

Today I am catching up with Ketchup With Us hosted and created by the awesome and funny OldDogNewTits and AccordingToMags. All submissions have to be 57 words or less, cute huh Ketchup/Heinz 57 – get it? So I am tasked with a memorable birthday. Here goes in 57 words or less… The night I turned […]

The Evolution of Partying

This weekend I spent an evening swilling one of my favorite’s, Stella Artois, at a local restaurant/bar. As the evening went from dinner to drinking I noticed that the scene changed drastically. We were sitting right outside the front door on the patio so I got a good look at the clientele. After it got […]

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