Running on Empty

I’ve been known to judge people, I know this is shocking. I don’t judge everyone, but there are certain groups of people that fit into my judgyMcjudgerson criteria – people who run out of gas are prime contenders. I seriously have questioned how the fuck that happens? I try to give a pass to those […]

HOLY SHIT New Jersey State Police, REALLY?!

My Shitastrophy’s are not limited by state lines. Recently I traveled home to New Jersey from my quaint life in the Midwest to visit my ailing father. Within one hour of my arrival I was literally pulled from my tranquil Midwestern state to a slap in the face reminder I was not in Oz anymore. I […]

Can People PLEASE Learn to Drive?

I am an East Coast driver living in the Midwest. This causes many issues when I take the to road. First I like to drive over the speed limit. I was taught that the posted MPH is just a recommendation. Sure it would be nice if I drove 40 MPH, but how about I just go […]

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