Oh You’re Not Dying, You’re Just Old!

A few years ago my period went from being a hiccup to a force to reckon with. I had always had a regular and light period, and then all of a sudden it changed. I was caught off guard numerous times, scrambling for rogue tampons I had squirreled away in the bottom of my purse. One […]

Parents, Curses, and Vaginas

My parents are embarrassed I curse. According to my mom cursing is only for behind closed doors or when she’s driving. I try to respect them and know well enough to never drop a F-bomb when I am in their presence. My dad dislikes even ‘crude’ words (‘pissed’ will quickly get you a look and a […]

When to Ask if She’s Pregnant

I was recently reminded of a very embarrassing moment a few years ago that was so mortifying I had basically banished it from my brain. Our sitter at the time invited us to her wedding. She was, and still is, the most wonderful person. I swear it was like Snow White was watching our children. Her […]

Even My First Kiss Was Embarrassing!

My blog is named The Shitastrophy for a reason. I have been plagued with awkward, uncomfortable, and embarrassing moments since I was a young child. It’s kinda just a part of who I am – a gift if you would. Here is just another Whitney Houston moment for you to enjoy – the story of […]

The Seasons of My Bladder

Pregnancy has bestowed upon me many gifts beside my two children. As part of the initiation fee I was graced with extra weight, the potential for type II diabetes later in life (thanks gestational diabetes!), indigestion that would bring Wonder Woman to her knees, and uneven boobs (picky eaters). But the worst gift I got […]

I Am a True Shitastrophy

So I have something to share…something that Julie over at Next Life, No Kids told me I HAD to share. I didn’t want to, it was too embarrassing (you know it’s bad if I think it’s too embarrassing!). It’s always easier to share someone else’s embarrassing shit…but when it’s yours well….not so much. The other […]

My Embarrassment Knows No End

If you are a guy, just stop reading this right here. Go ahead, close it down and walk away. Ok…just us ladies now? Great, cause I am going to share a lovely little moment that happened this week that reminded me of another moment a long time ago. Cause what is the fun in only […]

Shut The Fuck Up

I need to learn to just Shut the Fuck Up. Sometimes my mouth speaks before my brain thinks, and by sometimes I mean all the time. Normally my friends are ready for these inappropriate responses, however when I meet new people it tends to not go so well. This weekend I was a performer in the […]

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