My Zumba Debacle, Never Again

I have a love – hate relationship with my body, and currently it’s heavy on the hate. I’ve topped the scales at my highest weight ever and I am not happy about it. Part of it is due to medication changes, fucking pills, and the other part is due to my deep love of craft […]

20 Signs You Might be on a Diet

I finally accepted that something needed to be done about my weight. It has gotten out of hand and I am unhappy with the way I look and feel. I am at a fork in the road where I can actually do something about it, or continue to pack on more weight perpetuating my self […]

9 Thoughts on Exercise

One quick peruse of my closet shows my bi-polar personality. All winter I am clad in black, brown, and blue – I might get crazy and throw in a grey or hunter green somewhere but I’m not likely to go much further on the color wheel. But come spring and summer and it is time […]

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