Pool Mom Fail

I live in the Midwest where there is no gradual change to pool time. One week it is 30 degrees and a week later you are trying to decide if it really is ok to put the A/C on even though your bedroom is 82┬ádegrees. As a result pool season kinda sneaks up on me. […]

Top Cell Phone Fails

We have all done it…left our phones on when we thought they were off. Most of the time it isn’t that big of a deal, but sometimes it is a true Shitastrophy. Here are just a few moments that you want to make sure you got the ringer off…or better yet not even with you. […]

Washington DC Trip Epic Fail, Part II

Yesterday I gave the highlights of my┬árecent Mom/Son trip to Washington, DC. Good times were had in between the complaining (you can read about it here). However, I saved the best part of the trip till today because it truly deserved it’s own full Shitastrophy post – it was that bad. Since first grade my […]

Washington DC Trip Fail, Part I

Recently I took a vacation (I use that word loosely) with my 10 year old son to Washington DC. Just the two of us…and my 67 year old Aunt. We left The Hubs and the 9 year old daughter at home and hit the nation’s capital. Apparently so did every 8th grade class this side […]

Craft Fail…Shitastrophy Style

It should come as no surprise that a craft I did was a complete fail. For the record, I have done a few craft projects over the span of my life that were good – hell a few were even great. But more times than I care to admit, my foray into crafting has turned […]

Denial Is a Pricey Road

I have jeans longer than I have owned some of my vehicles. In the last 10 years I have had 5 vehicles. Not because I was in an accident and needed a new car, or because I need the latest and greatest. Nope, I have had 5 vehicles because I was in denial – for […]

Domesticity Sucks

Today I weighed myself after being on vacation for a week. How in the hell is it possible to gain 5 fucking pounds in a week? Sure I ate coconut french toast daily, drank beer, and had dessert – a lot, but come on! As a result of my over indulgence, and my continued lack […]

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