Missed My Flight, But Got My Wings from the Angels

The last two months have been filled with a lot of pain and sorrow for me and my family. On March 17th my father passed away after an extended illness. Somehow knowing his death was imminent helped me when his time came to pass. I thought I had said all my goodbyes, cried all my tears, and […]

Things I learned in Roatan: Monkey’s are A**holes & Bring Enough Cash

We spent a week in Roatan, Honduras scuba diving with an amazing group called Kids Sea Camp. The program brings together families from around the world that are interested in vacationing in tropical locales while their children safely become certified in scuba diving, or receive advance scuba certifications. We have vacationed with them twice before and […]

My Amazing Discovery At the GI Film Festival

Last night I drugged myself up with over-the-counter cold meds and headed to the GI Film Festival Cinematic Salute at our local movie theater. The day started out with a raging headache that was complimented with the feeling a small elephant had camped out on my chest. I had slept very little, felt physically horrible, and […]

The Eulogy of My Father

My apologies for my recent absences. My father had become grievously ill and subsequently passed away. It was not a total surprise, considering the man’s life has been on the line many many times, however he had always rebounded. I would be lying if I didn’t say a part of me expected the same outcome, […]

The Painful Truth about Surfing When You’re Old

On our recent family vacation to Costa Rica the 10 year old had her heart set on learning how to surf. I knew she’d do great, she competes in gymnastics and has a love of adventures. Surfing is perfect for her, but only her. However, the camp had a minimum requirement of two persons for lessons. I immediately […]

Flying Second Class When You’re a First Class Kinda Guy

Recently we spent eight days in Costa Rica. I learned a very important thing on this trip, that I have somehow blocked out or just plain disregarded on all our other family trips that have involved airplanes… My husband is an airplane snob. The hubs travels a lot for work and as a result he is […]

The Bad & Ugly of Road Tripping With Kids

I got the crazy idea to drive twelve hours with my kids and husband to visit my parents for Easter four days before the actual trip. Yes, clearly I am an awesome planner. I checked plane tickets but at almost $3K for four tickets I realized that was NOT happening. When I sprung the news on the […]

Christmas Then vs Now

Growing up I loved the month of December. When my mother declared it time to for me and my sisters to take down all the holiday decorations from the attic I was euphoric. We hauled boxes upon boxes of holiday glee from our tiny walk in attic downstairs to our living room. We were like Santa’s elves […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Hosting Thanksgiving

Today’s special blogger is Don Re of Donofalltrades.com. Don is a very funny guy that has a tendency to say it like it is, and he likes beer. Those are two of my favorite things. He blogs about random shit sometimes involving his kids, family, and job (he is a St. Louis police officer). I […]

Hysterical Family Text Messages

I don’t often write about my husband John, mainly by his choice. The few stories I have shared may not have cast him in the best light. There was that one when he woke me up at 2 am to tell me his finger hurt and the other story when he took on wildlife and lost. […]

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