Missed My Flight, But Got My Wings from the Angels

The last two months have been filled with a lot of pain and sorrow for me and my family. On March 17th my father passed away after an extended illness. Somehow knowing his death was imminent helped me when his time came to pass. I thought I had said all my goodbyes, cried all my tears, and […]

Flying Second Class When You’re a First Class Kinda Guy

Recently we spent eight days in Costa Rica. I learned a very important thing on this trip, that I have somehow blocked out or just plain disregarded on all our other family trips that have involved airplanes… My husband is an airplane snob. The hubs travels a lot for work and as a result he is […]

BlogU Rocked and My WTF Moment

Every year I try to attend at least one conference where I will hone my skill of writing, and network with others in the same genre. This year I attended an amazing conference called BlogU – short for University. It is held on the beautiful campus of the all girls college Notre Dame University in Baltimore, Maryland. […]

A Little FU to United Airlines

Dear Asshole Flight Attendant, Back in November I flew on your airlines, United, from my home town to Newark airport. I typically fly on Delta (because miles) but your company recently instituted a direct flight (unheard of) out of my poe-dunk town to Newark. My 9 year old daughter and I were off to spend the […]

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