Are Smelly Balls Making a Comeback?

I recently went to Walmart and left confirming that I am ok being an adult. I had dropped the kids off at school and figured, “it’s 8:15 in the morning & not prime time for the Wal Mart regulars – I should be golden.” Well, I was wrong. I parked in the lot and was […]

Banana Bunker, Oh My!

Groupon was showcasing this lovely product last week and I knew instantly that I also needed to highlight it as a part of my What The Shit? Wednesday feature. How could I possibly not? Please take a moment to look this item over – it is the Banana Bunker. This item comes in a set […]

Special ‘K’rap

Why do people feel the need to tell me about their bodily functions? I am use to this daily conversation with my kids, but we’ve shared some pretty gross moments. Sure, I would love to have an entire day without discussion or hearing of farts/poop. Or how about I make it an entire week without […]

I won! Or did I?

Ahh Mother’s Day weekend. It started out sooo great, I won tickets to the NW Indiana Listen to Your Mother event from the amazing Nicole Leigh Shaw that authors the hysterical blog, NinjaMom. I was st-Oh-ked! I never win anything. To win tickets to see a group of very funny women read essays about motherhood […]

Price is Wrong, Bitch!

Last week I attended the Price is Right traveling show. I have not seen the Price is Right in quite sometime, but since it has been around 40 years I am familiar with the game. I was excited to see what Price is Right up close and personal was all about. I was also sure that there would […]

Repeat after me, Do NOT Repeat What Mommy Say’s

I have had (see how that was past tense, you’ll know why in a second) a habit of saying things when my kids were around that in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have. I was not aware that they were actually listening or I would have not said anything in the first place. I am sure […]

Is That a Baby in Your Pants?

This was seriously the title of a TLC episode of ‘I Didn’t know I was Pregnant’. I was flipping through the channels and this caught my eye, how could it not? I turned to it because seriously I just had to watch this. I missed the first few minutes, but the show was just getting […]

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