A Letter to the Political Candidate

Dear Political Candidate, It appears you have invested more in our relationship than I have invested in you, and it needs to stop. I’ve had enough of your ‘needing’ or ‘wanting’ me. Seriously just calm the hell down on all the ‘here’s where we are going’ because I gotta tell you, “WE aren’t going ANYWHERE […]

Tax Man Taketh

What’s that stupid adage – the only thing predictable in life is death and taxes. Well yeah, today the Grim Reaper of finances comes knocking. No person or business enjoys April 15th. The only person/entity that does enjoy it is the government. Think about it, even if you are getting a refund that means you […]

The Shit is Hosting the Hump Day Hookup!!! Boo-yah!!

Holy Shit! The Shit is hosting The Hump Day Hook Up! The esteemed and awesome Aussie Molly from A Mother Life has allowed me to play in the sandbox!! Fuck Yeah I am psyched. I mean to say – it is with deepest gratitude that I accept this amazing opportunity and bestow upon you all […]

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