Is it Safe to Leave Your Kid Home Alone?

My son is  just one month shy of being 13 years old. He is going into 7th grade, stands about an inch (shhhhh…) taller than me at 5’6″ and 190 pounds. He’s not a tiny guy. We use to call him Baby Godzilla when he was a toddler, now he’s just Godzilla. I’m giving you his baseball […]

Today I am Grateful for the Grateful Dead

I got a case of the U.S. Blues due to so much happening on Shakedown Street. There is little Help on the Way for the citizens of this country, no matter how much Fire is on the Mountain. No matter how much we Turn on the Love Light it feels like a lost cause, even if the Eyes […]

It Use to Be Awesome, Now Not so Much

Looking back on life I have realized that there was a ton of shit that was epically awesome as a kid but now sucks as an adult. Snow day – If this last winter taught me anything it is how extraordinarily painful a snow day is as an adult. Those plans to do really anything…yeah think again […]

Everyone Needs a Lookout

We have a guest room on our main floor that our son uses as his when we don’t have any over night guests – which is most of the time. He has his Play Station and all his favorite movies ready to go. He also has the majority of his toys in there. I have […]

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