An Awkward Intercourse

Today’s funny guest blogger is one I hope you all know already, and if you don’t – please get on that shit ASAP! It is Darcy from I have had the pleasure of meeting Darcy a few times and I have to say she is a genuine funny, kind, and cool lady that this […]

Trapped in Hell at 20,000 Feet

Today’s guest blogger is Stacey Gustafson. I had the honor of meeting Stacey at the Erma Bombeck Conference this past year. Stacey was foolish enough to take a ride in my ultra cool mom mobile, the minivan, to attend an event at a local library. Who knew there would be two libraries in one town?! Eventually […]

WTF is THAT Smell?

Today’s featured writer is Sarah from You really need to follow her she has some awesome one-liners on Twitter, and is often over at sharing her shit. Also, Sarah is one of the contributors in my soon to be released anthology Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. So yeah, I like her. A lot. […]

WTF is THAT on My Nipple?!

This week’s featured guest blogger is funny as all shit, please give a warm Shitastrophy welcome to Foxy Wine Pocket! I had an opportunity to meet Foxy in real life this summer, and she truly is one foxy lady. But even better then her good looks, and love of wine, is her writing. She is […]

I’m Bringing Sexting Back – Leigh Bones

I am headed back today from my long family vacation. Chances are I am highly annoyed with the children I birthed and the hubs may not be batting a thousand either. But fingers crossed we had fun, and experienced no major calamities like we do every time we travel. Today I have one of my […]

Why I’m Tossing our DVR Right Out the @*&% Window – Hollow Tree Ventures

Currently I am on vacation…soaking up the rays in the Caribbean and trying to not drown while scuba diving with my 10yo. In my absence I asked one of the funniest ladies I know to please send me a guest post for you all to enjoy. I highly recommend checking out Robyn from Hollow Tree […]

The Shit is Hosting the Hump Day Hookup!!! Boo-yah!!

Holy Shit! The Shit is hosting The Hump Day Hook Up! The esteemed and awesome Aussie Molly from A Mother Life has allowed me to play in the sandbox!! Fuck Yeah I am psyched. I mean to say – it is with deepest gratitude that I accept this amazing opportunity and bestow upon you all […]

The Shitastrophy is in the Kitchen!

I have a long list of fails in my life – most of them are showcased for you wonderful readers here as Shitastrophy’s. Today I am being interviewed by Kathy from My Dishwasher’s Possessed about some appliance fails, you can read all about it here. Since I am an overachiever, I have more than one. […]

Seemed Like a Good Idea, It Wasn’t

Oh Shit! The Shit has another awesome Guest Poster (not poser people – Poster) this week!! Today I got the very funny Sarah from SevenLittleMexicans! She is the mom of two and apparently is in the process of making her wedding dress out of toilet paper for when she marries her longtime partner – Pam! […]

Labia Lipstick – WTF?

Holy shit! The Shitastrophy has it’s first guest post…and I picked a doozey. I am featuring the very funny LeighBones today. She is taking an in-depth look at a burning topic in today’s makeup world. Watch out major manufacturers, I see women everywhere flocking to this new trend. I can tell you safely who will […]

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