It’s Fall Fuckers

It is fall fuckers and there are all sorts of shit about this season that makes me scream Alleluia. My birthday is just around the corner, and I am not one of those people that dreads their day of birth. Nope I say bring that fucker on. My whole family has to be nice to […]

Halloween Then vs. Now

Growing up Halloween was amazing. The whole concept of ringing a doorbell and holding out a pillow case for free candy blew my mind. I loved everything about it. But man has times changed, and not for the better. Homemade costumes – Some of my most awesome memories are making my costume. I was: Minnie […]

Are You A Candy-Holic?

I have devised a simple questionnaire that will help to determine if you are a candy-holic. Most of us are in denial, after all who wants to admit that the chocolatey goodness of a sugary confection will reduce us to become lying, stealing, sneaking parents? Sadly, I am a candy-holic…are you? Please answer these questions […]

What to Do With All That Candy?

Well parents here we are on the other side of Halloween facing calories upon calories. If you are anything like me that bowl of yummies are calling out your name with each passing minute. And our kids, we can’t forget about them – they want to sit and eat the whole damn bowl in one […]

The Shit’s Halloween Traditions

As soon as October 1st hits all I hear is, “Let’s put up the decorations! Come on Mom!! Time to get the decorations out!!” What this really means is that I will lug out all things orange, black, noisy, spooky, and cute to welcome in the beloved holiday. Bins come up the stairs and the […]

My Child Responds to the Halloween Letter

There is a letter circulating on social media today from an individual who feels that she should destroy a child’s self esteem and Halloween in one swoop. If you haven’t heard this story, or read the letter, you can here. When I first saw this at 7:00 am today I was infuriated. You truly have […]

Worst Halloween Costume Ever

It’s almost Halloween and I thought I would tell the story of my worst costume ever. ¬†You know this is sure to be horrifying and embarrassing to no end. I was 12 years old and hadn’t yet come into my natural beauty that I now have. What I did have was awkwardness, I was skinny […]

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