Christmas Card Photo Fail

I thought I was making my life easier, I thought that instead of spending hours pouring over 500 cell phone pics because I never use my real camera I would take the kids to my favorite photographer to get our Christmas card done this year. After all, it’s been awhile since I had a picture […]

The Twelve of Christmas Break

It’s the season my children are home for an extended vacation from school. Yay Me. There will be lots of threats, tears, and beer at the House of Shit. There is no avoiding it. Mix in the overload of food (dishes), friends (messes), and forced family fun time and I will be ready for them to go back to […]

Surviving the Holidays with a Spirited Child

When you are the mother of a Spirited Child the holiday season requires a level of preparation that would make an Army General jealous. You begin to think about next year’s events as soon as your child unwraps their last gift. You make mental notes for less chocolate in the stocking and curse yourself for […]

Christmas Then vs Now

Growing up I loved the month of December. When my mother declared it time to for me and my sisters to take down all the holiday decorations from the attic I was euphoric. We hauled boxes upon boxes of holiday glee from our tiny walk in attic downstairs to our living room. We were like Santa’s elves […]

Thanksgiving Conversations with My Mother

This year for Thanksgiving The Hubs and I are dividing and conquering family fun. It will be the first time in 15 years we do not spend a holiday together. He is from Detroit and I am from NJ. The Hubs is headed to the Motor City to enjoy the NFL game with our son and […]

Enough with the Pumpkin Shit!

Hi, my name is Alyson and I hate pumpkin flavored everything. It feels good to finally get that off my chest. I realize I am in the minority, so I make my announcement while ducking for cover from the pumpkin that will surely be whipped my way. When did America turn into the land of pumpkin? The […]

The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas

Enough with the 12 Days Before Christmas, I have created the 12 Days AFTER Christmas – when shit gets real. If you want to know what the next two weeks may look like here is a glimpse into having the kids home from school. The Twelve Days After Christmas   On the first day after […]

Order Status…STFU

The holiday season is upon us and I am getting inundated with all sorts of shit. Cards arrive daily to remind me that I have yet to send out mine. Commercials are telling my kids what toy they MUST have this year, like they need any more. My family calls me repeatedly to ask what the […]

Holiday Party Don’ts

December brings more than just frigid air and thoughts of sugar plums. It brings the office holiday party. Over the years this event has been scaled down – from catered extravaganza’s to pot lucks or complete eradication. I myself have only attended a few – and they were when times were booming. Since the financial […]

What A Real Holiday Advertisement Should Be

It is that time of the year where we get inundated with advertisements. They are everywhere – TV, billboards, radio, and print. My kids look forward to the daily barrage of catalogs in the mail so they can circle every damn thing they want. At this point they should just hand me back the catalog […]

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