The Dorito As the Holy Trinity, Or Not

The other day we were driving home from some kid activity when my daughter announced with gusto from the backseat of the car, “I GOT IT!”, while shoveling handfuls of Doritos in her mouth. (I’m all about healthy snacks) I wasn’t really sure what the hell she was talking about, so I bit. “What do you […]

May you Bitch!

Ahhhh May, so much goes on during the month of May. The flowers bloom and my son’s allergies explode rendering him an 80 year old man. The last nine months have both crawled and flown by, my sanity is in question, and the reality of summer looms large. By May I have abandoned trying to make good […]

Parenting Rant, It’s Not My Fault

Parenting rant in 3…2…1 and lift off. My kids like to take ownership of fails about as much as I like to ask them every day if they brushed their teeth. We seriously seem to be in a deep crevasse of denial and it’s driving me fucking berserk. But the reality is that I know damn […]

The Five Levels of Homework Hell

I am pretty sure when Dante’s Inferno was written in the 14th century he was looking into the future and referencing the hell that is known as elementary school homework. There is nothing divine or comedic about undertaking the challenges of homework without losing your shit. Every day that homework folder comes home my jaw clenches, […]

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