My A**hole Neighbors Strike Again

Some shit in my life I can’t even make up if I tried. The house next door to me has a long running history of assholes living there. There have been three home owners in the last fifteen years and all have had their fair share of dick moves. I think the house is just […]

It’s the Little Things that Matter

I’m not the most sentimental person in my house (I’ve saved that for my two hoarding kids who can claim a deep love of even the most innocuous object). I mean sure I have the few token things that I have squirreled away. I have a memory box full of cards and letters, and my […]

How to Make your Home Look Clean

I could probably be a whole lot better at keeping my house clean, most people can. The fact of the matter is that cleaning sucks, and I got a bazillion things I would rather do than scrub my kid’s pee off the toilet seat for the millionth time. As a result, I have been known […]

Lies I tell Myself, Part I

We all do it, some of us just more than others. We have good intentions, and fully believe we will achieve, or do, that thing we have told ourselves we will. But somewhere between saying and doing the wheels fall off the train, or reality sets in that maybe just maybe we¬†may have under appreciated […]

I Am NOT A Homemaker

Recently I have filled out a few forms that have asked for my occupation. I wish I could select any of the many positions that I accomplish each day: Child Wrangler Dog Owner Husband strangler House Wrestler But sadly these are never options. You know what my options are? Employed or Homemaker, alluding that if […]

10 Reasons My Husband is Like a Kid

The Hubs is an awesome guy. He has to be to not get his feathers ruffled when I post funny shit he has done for everyone in the world to read. I can only hope he maintains this stellar attitude after he reads why he reminds me of a little kid. (and yes I am […]

I May Have Overreacted

I have highlighted my lack of wildlife savviness before – the time my fireplace was found out to be Mickey’s vacation villa (click here) or the time I screamed so loud when I saw a spider that my husband told me if ever do that again someone better be holding a gun to my head […]

My house Is Infected, Is Yours?

If you don’t have a daughter between the age of 7 to about 11 you might now be aware of a new disease that is spreading like wild fire. There are little signs of it all around our home. It’s EVERYWHERE and I am going to lose my mind. Just walking from my kitchen to […]

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