Stupid 4th of July Injuries

The United States loves their holidays – and the 4th of July is one of the biggest of them all. The weather is good, the food is overabundant, parades are everywhere, and the alcohol flows like the Colorado River rapids…fast and cool. Stupidity also runs rampant during this annual celebration of the United States independence. […]

Crazy Sex Injuries

Some people have a very adventurous sex life, and as a result sometimes things happen that leave the common man wondering how in the world did you ever think that was a good idea. I mean most people have had some hot and heavy moments in their lives but have you ever looked at your […]

Ketchup with Us – Ridiculous Injuries!

It’s time for a little game I love called Ketchup with Us hosted by the awesome – According to Mags and Old dog New Tits. I get to tell a story in 57 words or less, get it Ketchup…57 words?! Having gone to college in Pittsburgh, the home of Heinz 57, this is a game […]

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