Running on Empty

I’ve been known to judge people, I know this is shocking. I don’t judge everyone, but there are certain groups of people that fit into my judgyMcjudgerson criteria – people who run out of gas are prime contenders. I seriously have questioned how the fuck that happens? I try to give a pass to those […]

Parenting Rant, It’s Not My Fault

Parenting rant in 3…2…1 and lift off. My kids like to take ownership of fails about as much as I like to ask them every day if they brushed their teeth. We seriously seem to be in a deep crevasse of denial and it’s driving me fucking berserk. But the reality is that I know damn […]

I won! Or did I?

Ahh Mother’s Day weekend. It started out sooo great, I won tickets to the NW Indiana Listen to Your Mother event from the amazing Nicole Leigh Shaw that authors the hysterical blog, NinjaMom. I was st-Oh-ked! I never win anything. To win tickets to see a group of very funny women read essays about motherhood […]

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