The High Cost of Pet Ownership

I’m an animal lover through and through. Every time I meet a┬ádog I begin┬áspeaking in ‘doggy talk’ while petting them profusely. There is not a cat that has happened by me whose ears weren’t scratched while running a hand over their long silky soft backs. I’m the crazy pet owner who has ornaments of her […]

Goodbye My Dear Friend

She stood guard in the front window daily. The first to warn me of the arrival of a delivery, even if it was for the neighbors, or the garbage man. Her big black block head with it’s white stripe down the middle and warrior paint copper markings was my first line of defense. The glass […]

My Shitty Labor Day Weekend

Ahhh…Labor Day when Americans kick back and enjoy a three day weekend to honor the working man/woman. However this year Labor Day weekend was less kicking back, and more kicking myself (and others) thanks to two major Shitastrophy’s and one slight one. First up…the slight one. I took the kids to the Notre Dame season […]

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