Lies We Tell About The Elf on The Shelf

If you are a parent with a child under the age of 12 you have probably heard of The Elf on the Shelf. As you know, The Elf returns to Santa every night to report on your child’s behavior and then magically reappears in a new place upon his/her return. The inter webs are full of ideas that […]

A Letter to Bra Designers

Dearest Bra Designers, I think we have reached the point in our relationship I can be honest with you. You’ve been there through weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, nursing, dating and marriage. You really have been a big supporter in my life. However, like all good relationships I have noticed some issues that need to be addressed. You seem to have the […]

Lies I tell Myself, Part II

The other day I highlighted the many lies I tell myself, and continue to tell myself even though I know it is a load of crap. You know what I mean the old…I don’t need to write that down, because I will remember it. Yeah well I have missed enough appointments, been late to enough […]

Lies I tell Myself, Part I

We all do it, some of us just more than others. We have good intentions, and fully believe we will achieve, or do, that thing we have told ourselves we will. But somewhere between saying and doing the wheels fall off the train, or reality sets in that maybe just maybe we may have under appreciated […]

No More Lame Updates!

This week Jenn over at SomethingClever2.0 has tasked us with Facebook as our topic. I am on Facebook All.The.Time. Since I am an expert on all things Facebook I have noticed there are different types of Facebook users. There are the people that use Facebook as a business – guilty as charged. There are the […]

Repeat after me, Do NOT Repeat What Mommy Say’s

I have had (see how that was past tense, you’ll know why in a second) a habit of saying things when my kids were around that in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have. I was not aware that they were actually listening or I would have not said anything in the first place. I am sure […]

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