23 Reasons My Kids Need to Go Back-to-School

Summer is taking its toll on me, and probably you too. The kids are home and by now I have exhausted all possible tactics to keep them out from under my feet. I have farmed them out to friends, imported the same friends, hired sitters, and feigned illness all just to get some alone time. […]

You Asked, Here’s the Answers

I have been blogging for just about two years now and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people both virtually and in real life. I have to say it’s pretty awesome making a connection with like minded people, even if we don’t live anywhere near each other. I felt like it was time I […]

42 Things I have learned as a Parent

Parenting is hard work. I’m not gonna say it’s the hardest, cause well I would imagine there are many many other jobs that are even more demanding and have little to no pay with zero appreciation tied to them. Shit just look around the globe, and there are countless examples. But even with that disclaimer, […]

Thanksgiving Conversations with My Mother

This year for Thanksgiving The Hubs and I are dividing and conquering family fun. It will be the first time in 15 years we do not spend a holiday together. He is from Detroit and I am from NJ. The Hubs is headed to the Motor City to enjoy the NFL game with our son and […]

30 Thoughts on Autism

My son was diagnosed in April of 2014 with Autism. We already knew but now he is official, it’s like he got the Good Housekeeping Seal of Autism Approval. Yay us. Since coming out with our exciting diagnosis people have offered condolences (he’s not dying, but thanks), some have asked who diagnosed him (a random […]

The Pre Diet Workout

Congratulations, you decided to start a diet! The week before the diet starts is really one of the most important times of the entire actual diet. There is all sorts of prep work that goes in to being successful with your ambitious goal to go from being well known amongst the wait staff at multiple restaurants […]

Lies I tell Myself, Part II

The other day I highlighted the many lies I tell myself, and continue to tell myself even though I know it is a load of crap. You know what I mean the old…I don’t need to write that down, because I will remember it. Yeah well I have missed enough appointments, been late to enough […]

Lies I tell Myself, Part I

We all do it, some of us just more than others. We have good intentions, and fully believe we will achieve, or do, that thing we have told ourselves we will. But somewhere between saying and doing the wheels fall off the train, or reality sets in that maybe just maybe we may have under appreciated […]

Shit No One tells You About Kids

There are so many books, blogs, movies, tv shows, magazines, etc devoted to all things kids. Most of the time they share some very helpful information. Sometimes they do not. I am here to share some realistic and rather frank kid information with you. I can assure you that this type of knowledge did not […]

The 8 Moms You See at the Pool

It is the time of the year when I head off to the pool to sun myself on the most uncomfortable chairs ever made. Every pool has them. Typically there are only two choices the hard plastic lounge chair that numbs your ass after 40 minutes, regardless of how many towels you sit on (and no kids […]

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