When I Lost My Car at the Airport

My job required constant travel around the country and you would think by now I would have traveling down. But you would be wrong. I’m running late, as usual, because I had one too many at dinner the night before with my fiancé and his best friend. His friend was visiting for the weekend and […]

You Asked, Here’s the Answers

I have been blogging for just about two years now and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people both virtually and in real life. I have to say it’s pretty awesome making a connection with like minded people, even if we don’t live anywhere near each other. I felt like it was time I […]

How to Make your Home Look Clean

I could probably be a whole lot better at keeping my house clean, most people can. The fact of the matter is that cleaning sucks, and I got a bazillion things I would rather do than scrub my kid’s pee off the toilet seat for the millionth time. As a result, I have been known […]

WTF is THAT Smell?

Today’s featured writer is Sarah from Established1975.com. You really need to follow her she has some awesome one-liners on Twitter, and is often over at BluntMoms.com sharing her shit. Also, Sarah is one of the contributors in my soon to be released anthology Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. So yeah, I like her. A lot. […]

The Brazilian Wax From Hell

Our anniversary is the next day and I decide upon the perfect gift to wow my man. I call my local salon and book an appointment for a Brazilian Bikini Wax. This is virgin territory for me and I am a little concerned. I was counseled to take 3 Advil and drink a 1/2 glass of wine. I […]

Airport Restroom Horror

My husband travels A LOT for business, seriously he lives in the airport. He is on a first name basis with the crew at our local airport he is there so much. The Hubs has seen just about everything and anything one could witness while traveling. At least he thought he had, until he witnessed […]

20 Signs The Honeymoon is Over

The Hubs and I have been together since 1999 and married since 2001. Over time our marriage has gone through many of the natural phases of wedded bliss. Newlywed – I tried to look nice more times than I didn’t. If I had to poop I would scurry away into another section of the house […]

My Car Shitastrophy

Recently I reviewed the funny I Just Want to Be Alone book by Jenn Mann and it got me thinking…what ridiculous shit has my husband done? This is an extensive list, we have been together for over fifteen years. One of my all time favorite Hubs stories is this one, and I have never shared […]

He’s Not Cheating, It’s Just Some Glitter

In the last year my little princess, who is all of 8 years old, has griped about the the clothing I have purchased for her. It started small – “this shirt is scratchy” or “these pants are not soft enough”.  Did you catch the part where I made the error? That I purchased … without her […]

The Best Time to Talk to Your Husband

I read a lot of stories, posts, and articles everyday; and I write everyday. All these words need to be shared with someone and that lucky someone is my husband. I am constantly just reading shit out loud in the expectation that he will drop everything and hang on my hysterical words, or nuggets of […]

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