When A Gift is More Than You Expect

  My mother is going through a bit of nesting since my father’s recent passing. She has begun working her way through 50 years of belongings and realizing she probably doesn’t need them all, and who better to give these priceless family relics (dust collectors) to then her daughters. I live twelve hours away so […]

Morning Hell, or Heaven?

Most mornings in my house consist of me waking and dreading the next hour of my day. It is nonstop action from the moment my feet hit the floor, and believe me I’d rather them not. I have two dogs that insist upon being walked and fed before any other activity in the house is […]

Pool Mom Fail

I live in the Midwest where there is no gradual change to pool time. One week it is 30 degrees and a week later you are trying to decide if it really is ok to put the A/C on even though your bedroom is 82 degrees. As a result pool season kinda sneaks up on me. […]

Dear Mom Screaming at her Kid

Dear Mom Screaming at her Kid, I couldn’t help but hear you yesterday at the grocery store. You were screaming very loudly at your toddler and I was located somewhere within the store. Actually, I was three aisles over when I first heard your little guy hysterical crying, and you berating him in a completely unnecessary way. As […]

Are You Like Your Mother? I Am.

Most daughters dread the moment that they begin to morph into their mother. I suppose it is inevitable. We pick up little things from our parents and subconsciously it becomes sprinkled into the daily minutia of our lives. I never realized that I was so heavily flavoring my life with it though until lately. I am […]

My Mother’s Day Wish List

All over the inter webs this week there are countless lists of awesome things you can get Mom for her big day. I am not a huge fan of these Hallmark Holidays, as I view them. However, I will admit my first Mothers Day was very special and I was gifted a wonderful piece of […]

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