Our Son’s Journey to an Autism Diagnosis

In the last week I have had two separate conversations about our son Jacob’s Autism diagnosis. I have decided to share our journey in hopes it helps other parents who are currently undergoing the same voyage. You are not alone, and you will come out of this storm a better parent and person, I promise. My son […]

Why We Chose Montessori

I am the mother of a moment maker. I use to grumble at this title. I was constantly giving up moments to his teachers for various issues he had during the day. I never thought that I would one day accept my moment maker for what he is – perfect. Through the years, my moment […]

Apparently God has a Sense of Humor

Dear God, I am just checking in and seeing if you are having fun with all this? Are you up there laughing? Having a good chuckle I bet, huh? Well I just want to recap a few things for you. The test you gave me with the 9yo – yeah, you know what I am […]

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