I May Have Overreacted

I have highlighted my lack of wildlife savviness before – the time my fireplace was found out to be Mickey’s vacation villa (click here) or the time I screamed so loud when I saw a spider that my husband told me if ever do that again someone better be holding a gun to my head […]

Yet Another Renovation Shitastrophy

Our home is surrounded by 5 acres of trees and wildlife. The hubs and I have found out the hard way that we are not woods people. I grew up at The Shore (Jersey) and he grew up in Detroit surrounded by concrete. We have been here long enough to realize that although we love […]

I know my Shit

One year we opted to go to Langhorne, PA before visiting my family in NJ. Oh, you don’t know what is in Langhorne, PA? You must not be a parent of a child between 1 – 4 years old, or you have completely blocked it out if you are. It is where Sesame Street Place […]

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